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Special attractions

Additional Attractions in the Castle

Artistic performances

We work with a variety of artists, both in the music industry (for example Karpeta Brothers, Bartłomiej Halwinga band - representing various musical trends - jazz, country, flamenco) and the cabaret industry (Grzegorz Halama, Piotr Bałtroczyk and Krzysztof Daukszewicz). Duration and cost is determined individually.

Molecular cuisine

Our meeting concept is based on the use of the most spectacular effects used in modern, futuristic catering. Molecular gastronomy is an art! This motto will be guided by this unique event. Also invites visitors to contribute to the creation of food. The duration approximately 1 hour.

Bartending Show

Eugene Dytko - World Champion Flair Bartenders and Jacek Makowski – Polish Vice Champion invite you to bartendering show - Flair style. Program of the evening synchronous show, metastasis, pyramids, juggling. Special effects and pyrotechnics, cocktails and competitions for visitors. The duration approximately 1.5 hours.

Animator for Children

During the wedding reception will allow parents to take a break from the kids, and for the youngest it will be time with various attractions and games.

French Wine Tasting Sesion

It is hard to imagine France without wine and wine without France. For business meetings in the cellar of the castle Lubliniec we offer the most valued wines from family vineyards Fronton (Chateau Baudare, Chateau Bellevue La Foret, Chateau Caze) the award-winning national and regional wine competitions. The duration approximately 1.5 hours

Additional Outdoor Attractions


In order to celebrate the wedding feast in even more special way, we offer rides with horse-drawn fairytale carriages.

White Doves

In our offer you will find the white doves that will create a unique atmosphere of the wedding and will be a good omen for the Young.

Lanterns of unfulfilled wishes

Played on the wedding night to heaven with the wishes of the bride and groom, give an amazing visual effect of small, flickering lights in the dark sky.

The cultural offer - Organize Tour

  • Museum of Edith Stein
  • Czestochowa
  • Expedition into the ground - silver mine in Tarnowskie Góry

Visiting tourists come fragments of the old ore mine silver, zinc and lead in Tarnowskie Góry, downhill to a depth of 50 m, the tourist route of about 1700 m pits, drifts drainage / ride boats 270 m /. Time for guided tour about 1 hour 30 minutes.

Koszęcin - Song and Dance Zespół Śląsk

Visiting under the expert guidance of the palace interiors, Chapel of the Castle and the Group rehearsal. A visit to the House of Tradition on the history and travels of the Group, a tour of the Silesian folk costumes. A short performance from the Group. Duration about 3 hours.


The program participants are taken by military vehicles (SKOT, HONKER) for shooting, dividing participants into groups: I group - shooting with modern military weapons with guardian Group II - quads III group - armored equipment after a busy time will be a bonfire with sausages


We offer a recreational event - integration, using the fastest growing extreme sport. The place of performance events will be a wooded area. The game will be led by instructors with six years experience.


From Castle Lubliniec quickly get to:

Częstochowa 36 km | 35 min.
Rosa Private Golf Club 25 km | 20 min.
Katowice 60 km | 60 min.

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