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Hosts of the Castle

A German-born, Spaniard by birth, Polish by choice. When a few years ago appeared in Lubliniec to raise from the ruins of our oldest and most beautiful monument "Castle Lubliniec" no one could have guessed that this energetic and pushing "business women" will also be extremely sensitive and talented artist.

Daniela surprised us all with her work as a painter. Strange and unusual are pictures in which spontaneity and metaphysics are mixed with rationality as the love of a chore. The artist with her paintings tells us the story of adversities inherent in the people and the stones, and above all, the ever-mysterious spirit of the centuries-old building. It is a beautiful, sometimes sad, but very interesting story.

Daniela with her paintings not only tells us the story of her struggle with rising The Castle from the ruins, which she loved, she also talks about her life, childhood fascinations, dreams and love.

Also a form of painting that the artist chose, reinforces the impression of nostalgic-mystical mystery. Linearity of her paintings combined with the muted and soft colors further aggravates the mysterious and sometimes disturbing nature of this painting. There's a hint of longing, regret the passing times, but also a lot of fun and almost child's optimism. Painting is the specific form of poetic expression. I think that Daniela chose the motto that fits perfectly to her work, "I believe in love, which purifies the soul."



Stanisław Henryk Kowalczyk


From Castle Lubliniec quickly get to:

Częstochowa 36 km | 35 min.
Rosa Private Golf Club 25 km | 20 min.
Katowice 60 km | 60 min.

Hotel ZL Sp z o.o. ul. Grunwaldzka 40,
42-700 Lubliniec, Polska

Mobile: +48 781 705 300

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Hotel ZL Sp z o.o. ul. Grunwaldzka 40,
42-700 Lubliniec, Polska

NIP 575-190-09-71
Regon:38 63 66 911


N 50°39'58,65"
E 18°40'43,62"

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  • Amadeus: CH CZWZAM
  • Sabre:IH 66514
  • Galileo: CH 86509
  • Worldspan:IH CZWZA

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