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Peelings of your choice
30min. 100 PLN
Peeling plus nourishing body balm 40min. 150 PLN
Peeling plus bath of your choice 60min. 200 PLN
Peeling plus relaxing massage 90min. 250 PLN
Body massages
Relaxing, Energizing, Slimming or Oriental 60min. 170 PLN
Aromatherapy (relaxing) 60min. 190 PLN
Hot stones massage 60min. 200 PLN
For pregnant women 60min. 150 PLN
Partial massages
Scalp, neck and shoulders 30min. 120 PLN
Slimming 30min. 120 PLN
Hot stones massage (neck/shoulders) 30min. 140 PLN
Relaxing Baths
Vine, Goat milk or Beer bath 30min. 1or 2 people 120PLN/ 200PLN
Body ceremonies
Body peeling + massage and mask 90min. 250 PLN
Coffee slimming, Exotic trip, Wine experience, Gold touch, Rice solace or Chokolate experience 90min. 250 PLN


Facial treatments

Sensiskin - oily skin

ok.60min. 110 PLN
On basis of PURLES cosmetics
Sensiskin - capillaries skin 60min. 130 PLN
On basis of PURLES cosmetics
Nourishing - Sushi ceremony 60min. 150 PLN
On basis of PURLES cosmetics
Brightening - Gold, pearls ceremony 60min. 180 PLN
On basis of PURLES cosmetics
Moisturizing - Clinical repair care 60min. 210 PLN
On basis of PURLES cosmetics
Exfoliating and brightening treatment 60min. 230 PLN
On basis of PURLES cosmetics
Wrinkle treatment - Mezolifting cl-ha 60min. 260 PLN
On basis of DERMIKA cosmetics
Revitalizing -Rejuvenating - Re a.g.e. 60min. 310 PLN
On basis of DERMIKA cosmetics
Face massage Nourishing with peeling 45min. 90 PLN
On basis of DERMIKA cosmetics
Additional treatments
Hand or Feet Spa 60min. 80 PLN
Japanese Manicure 45min. 60 PLN
Manicure -Classic 60 PLN
Manicure - Gel or Hybrid   90 PLN
Pedicure   90 PLN
Henna eyebrow   25 PLN
Henna eyelashes   20 PLN
Eyelashes extension 1: 1   150 PLN
Depilation – armpits   45 PLN
Depilation – Bikini   60 PLN
Depilation - Legs   45 PLN/ 70 PLN


In South Africa, in the sunny district of Stellenbosch, which is the birthplace of South African wine, cosmetics TheraVine. This professional brand vinotherapy that his wealth derives from local grape varieties Pinotage, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc.

TheraVineoffers a full range of multi-sensory bath rituals and nutritional properties, modeling, re-mineralization, purifying and relaxing potent antioxidant and anti-aging. The unique formula of cosmetics TheraVine its high content of antioxidants derived from extracts of the seeds, skins and grape leaves effectively inhibits the activity of free radicals in the skin and counteract the negative effects of factors such as stress and environmental pollution. However, the unique temperament suitable cosmetics essential oils, derived from African chamomile, tea tree oil and aloe growing wild. These oils along with the guilty extracts are the basis of excellent recipes that restores balance to the skin and a healthy, radiant appearance.


PHYTOMERis the undisputed expert in marine-based beauty, who has 40 years sharing her passion for beauty, science and ocean. Off the coast of Brittany, France, in Saint-Malo PHYTOMER develops products based on the most valuable marine natural and organic ingredients. Their production is sustainable: in respect of the marine ecosystem, and using 100% renewable energy.

The effectiveness of cosmetic formulas armed in the center of scientific research team of 20 scientists who examine the wealth of every ocean in search of more efficient components. This allows PHYTOMER is recognized worldwide as the leading brand thalassotherapy, and its treatments and products are available from over 10 000 cosmetic and spa institutes in 70 countries of the world.


All times are determined by Spa reception.
For more information, please contact: +48 34/37 37 890,



From Castle Lubliniec quickly get to:

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Hotel ZL Sp z o.o. ul. Grunwaldzka 40,
42-700 Lubliniec, Polska

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